Former Ohio police officer shot Andre Hill four times, coroner says

A grand jury last month indicted the former officer in the deadly shooting.

Andre Hill was shot four times by the Ohio police officer who has since been charged with his death, according to a coroner’s report released Friday.

Former Columbus police officer Adam Coy has pleaded not guilty to murder and other charges stemming from the Dec. 22 shooting of Hill. Coy, who is white, fired as Hill walked out of a garage holding a cell phone. The 47-year-old Hill was Black.

Hill was shot once in the chest and three times in the right leg, according to the report from the Franklin County Coroner’s Office.

In addition to one murder charge, Coy, a 19-year member of the force with a long history of complaints against him, also is charged with counts that include failure to use his body camera and failure to tell another officer he believed Hill presented a danger. He was fired from his job Dec. 28.

Coy’s attorney has said the officer had “a good faith basis”to believe that Hill was holding a silver revolver. His client has fully cooperated, attorney Mark Collins has said.

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther and former Police Chief William Quinlan sharply criticized officers for handcuffing Hill after he was shot and then not providing first aid.